The 10th of October each year is World Homeless Day - a day to raise awareness of the issues faced by homeless people, and to bring the local community together to help tackle these issues.

Here at LWS, we've been getting our heads together to bring you a week of events and awareness-raising to mark World Homeless Day. So to kick us off, we're really excited to announce our #LeamRocks campaign which will be running throughout the week beginning 9th October! 

In the coming weeks our guests and volunteers will be getting creative, decorating lots of pebbles with bright and colourful designs, which will be hidden all around Leamington. The rocks will be painted with the #LeamRocks hashtag, and we want anyone who finds one to take a picture of their rock, upload it onto social media, and add the hashtag to their post. We will then share your wonderful photos on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages!

We want to show off what a great community we live in, and celebrate all those who come together to support the LWS Night Shelter and all the homeless and vulnerably-housed in Leamington Spa.

Any rocks you find are a gift from us to you, to say thank you and to bring a little bit of happiness to your day :) we can't wait to see your photos!